we make change happen.

We're the types of people that are crazy enough to think we can change the world. And that's why we do. Every day, we challenge our clients and collaborators to be that type of crazy alongside us. 

Catalytik is a full-service advocacy & social innovation strategy firm. We work across sectors to build movements, initiatives and companies that accelerate human progress and sustainable solutions to pressing societal issues.

We're people people - we thrive at humanizing and simplifying complex social and environmental issues, bringing the right cross-sector stakeholders together, coming up with creative solutions to problems, raising awareness of issues among key constituencies and the public, getting decision-makers to do the right thing, and helping businesses & organizations collaboratively scale their positive impact on the world.

We solve big problems and elevate important ideas. How can we work together?  

Our Vision

A global community collaborating across sectors, disciplines, & borders to scale solutions to major societal issues. Businesses, governments, NGOs, & philanthropists working together to build sustainable, collaborative models to maximize their collective positive impact on humanity.

Our Mission

To build scalable campaigns, companies, and initiatives that accelerate human progress and sustainable solutions to pressing societal issues.

Our Values

Win-Win Impact: Impact and profit are not mutually exclusive, and we aim to deliver shared value. We strive for win-win, double bottom-line solutions in all of our work. 

Integrity: Be real. Be authentic. We expect this of ourselves and our clients.

Love: We lead with the heart. We hug a lot. We're passionate about connecting with and helping our fellow humans.

Lead & Inspire: The world we want to build is way, way bigger than Catalytik. We aim for our work to inspire others.

Collaboration: We strive to leverage collective genius across sectors and disciplines. We don't believe in boxes, and we believe real impact comes from fostering deep cross-sector collaboration.

Creativity:  We demolish preconceived notions and limitations to scale up big ideas in innovative ways.

Fun & Adventure: We work on important issues, but that doesn't mean we take ourselves too seriously. We love the creative learning process, and work with a sense of playful exploration.

Lifelong Learning: There’s always more to know, and we're comfortable not knowing all the answers - learning is the spice of life.


We like nothing more than hearing from and sharing ideas with people, organizations, and businesses that have big visions to change the world. 

If that's you, let's chat. We think we can be of assistance. 

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